When Dracula Got Sunburnt in Alicante

Christopher Lee, tired of playing Dracula didn’t quite manage to say “never again” and took part in this German production with Herbert Lom and Klaus Kinski.

Valencian director Jesus Franco took the crew to Alicante, where they used Santa Barbara Castle for the scene in which Count Dracula suffers a severe case of sun burn, and to Barcelona for most of the studio work at Estudios Cinematográficos Balcázar, Esplugues de Llobregat.

The scene at Santa Barbara occurs at the end of the film when our heroes throw some very light looking boulders down upon a group of gypsies transporting Dracula’s coffin and then set fire to him, which to be honest, he rather seems to enjoy.

My favourite scene from this film, apart from the bat on a stick that we imagine is Dracula, is the one where a room full of stuffed animals threaten to attack our heroes by moving three inches to left and right. Unfortunately they don’t make films like this anymore.

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