Doctor Who in Valencia

Doctor Who? Yes that’s right. One of the most famous and long-lasting TV series of all time was in Valencia recently.

Since 1963 the time-travelling Doctor has changed identities 12 times, and is currently played by Peter Capaldi. In fact, the first episode was screened the day after President Kennedy’s assasination.

But Valencia was not feeling itself, as the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences complex represented Colony world Gliese 581 D, where, according to the BBC’s magazine Radio Times: “architect Santiago Calatrava…..created an opera house like a spaceship; an Imax cinema resembling a giant eye; a science museum that could be an aircraft hangar crossed with a whale skeleton; and the largest aquarium in Europe, with 45,000 living creatures of 500 different species”.

Not bad free publicity, eh?

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