Divina Aurora: the Eternal Business


There is a terrible joke, perhaps only appropriate on Halloween; what is the last sound a person hears before they die?


Here’s a riddle that’s not a joke; what do Carrero Blanco (Franco’s Prime Minister assassinated spectacularly in Madrid by ETA) and Tierno Galvan (first socialist Mayor of Madrid) have in common?

The answer is that their coffins were made by Divina Aurora, a highly successful Valencian co-operative coffin maker (I’m sure there is a more sophisticated name) from Xativa, from where they export their product all over the world.

Divina Aurora (9x5)

Divina Aurora has been making coffins since 1949, and turns out about about 53,000 coffins a year (depending on the demand I suppose) and can offer more than 200 models in 50 different colours.

A hundred people work at their 17,000 square metre premises, from where they have to date exported about 65,000 units, mainly to Russia, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica, where they plan to build another plant from which they intend to penetrate the North American market.



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