DISCAVART will probably be remembered and relived in various formats in the years to come, but those happy few, that merry band of brothers and sisters who were there at the birth of this cultural avalanche, will be forever changed, forever better.


Valencian artist Pablo Noguera Borel, the Vicente Gandia Vineyard and www.valencia-international.com editor Bob Yareham invited Valencian art, cava and language lovers to DISCAVART at Pablo’s studio in Calle Roteros, 14, on Friday 28th November 2014, and nobody who was there will ever be the same again.


And what is DISCAVART? We’re glad you asked.

The British love inventing words; Shakespeare invented over 1,700 including: advertising, cold-blooded, champion, compromise, lonely, worthless, pedant and…puking.


We invented the word ‘DISCAVART’, which was an invitation to DIScover CAVa and ART. DISCAVART was an event that we brought to you with the generous collaboration of Vicente Gandia, one of Valencia’s top vineyards.


Pablo exhibited and explained his art and exposed his talent in the location where his work is created.


Bob Yareham, English and history teacher and etymologist, convinced an initially distrustful public that Champagne/Cava, call it what you will, is essentially British (like most wonderful things) and with quotes and anecdotes about this bubbly beverage, invited the participants to taste and comment upon 5 excellent Valencian Cavas from the Vicente Gandia collection.

Tomorrow we will return to work, we will apply ourselves to the daily task of earning money to pay for enough bread and fruit to provide us the sustenance we need, but we will never be the same, for we have seen a better world, and our lives are on hold until we seize the day.


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