A Cool Way to Sell Shoes

“Walking through a little Mediterranean place seeing its painted shutters over white stone walls, where the sun tries to enter and fill with its light a cosy and natural atmosphere.

A reddish sunset over a dock in a lake, where you can lose yourself hearing the sounds away from the city and enjoy each second before going back to the same routine as always.

The sound of sea waves breaking over the rocks and that typical smell of sea breeze, saltpetre, sun, wind… Something that we usually live and discover every time as if it was the first one”.

Now that is how you sell shoes! Really getting to the sole of the matter!


The Valencian shoemaker Coolway, which belongs to the Yorga group, has no qualms about selling Medittereanean shoes, and of equating its footware experience with Valencian sun, sand and the sensation of living.

Not content with their 150 Spanish shops, the group is expanding over the Atlantic, and has opened a base in Los Angeles

Their new adventure, opening up the west, started at the Platform shoe Fair in Las Vegas in August 2014, where their American subsidiary FASHION MAJOR BRANDS LLC was presented to the American public and the rest of the world.

As well as the American continent, the companies is expanding into Germany, Holland, Russia, Greece and France

Despite its internationalisation, 60% of the company’s products are still made in Spain.

Grupo Yorga is a 70 year old Valencian company with 160 stores worldwide under the brand name Ulanka, with its flagship store being in London’s Oxford Street.

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