Chocolate from Valencia: Bringing it all Back Home

Chocolate has its origin in America as most people know, although Valencians for many years made something similar from the carob tree, which is common in the Valencian mountains among the olives and almonds.


Now Valencian chocolate is finding its way back to what I still like to refer to as The New World thanks to the Valencian company Valor, situated in Alicante province in the coastal town of Villajoyosa.


In what could be described as a bitter-sweet achievement, Valor has opened up a space in the North American market thanks largely to the sugarless varieties of its wide range of chocolates.

Valor is currently selling about 150 tons of the black stuff in the USA, almost half of which is sugarless.

The main consumers of Valor chocolate are to be found among the sticky fingers of Florida, Texas and Illinois

Valor has also been successful in selling in 50 countries including China, Equador, Mexico, Cyprus, Chile, Brazil and Iceland.

In Valor’s two Spanish plants they produce the awesome quantity of 12,000 tons of chocolate a year, of which 8% is exported, leaving a mere 92% for Spain.


By sweetening the American dream, the company has been able to open an American subsidiary, Valor Usa Incorporated, in Miami, Florida.

Valor has been tempting the Spanish palate since 1881, when Valeriano López Lloret, decided that Valencians could not live by paella alone.

valor founder

In 2011, Chocolates Valor received the ‘European Candy Kettle Award, one of the most prestigious awards in this sector. The company also runs a chocolate museum

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