Bobal de Murviedro. A European Success

Murviedro Bodega has won 8 medals at the Mundus Vini wine fair in Neustadt, Germany in September 2016.

Cueva de la Culpa 2012 and Murviedro Colección Reserva Bobal 2012 won the golds this year and 6 silver medals also joined the extensive Murviedro collection.

The Vienna Wine Fair (AWC) was another successful venue for Murviedro’s Bobal wines in 2015 with a gold and five silver medals.

Eva Máñez

Murviedro Cepas Viejas 2012 won the gold, while the silvers were picked up by Vox Populi 2012, Dulce Estrella de Murviedro 10, Murviedro Colección Bobal Roble 2014, Murviedro Colección Reserva Bobal 2011 and Murviedro Colección Reserva 2011.

Other places where Murviedro has had recent success are Berlín (Berliner Wine Trophy) and France (Guía de Vinos Gilbert & Gaillard)












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