From the Bench to the NBA

“Why stare at sports when you can be part of them?” So says the promotional introduction to a video game company situated in Elda, Alicante in the Valencian Community.


As they say, “if you have ever dreamed of being a Coach, Manager, Sports Director or having your own team then you’ll feel at home with FROM THE BENCH games”.

And From The Bench is clearly not just the hopeless dream of a couple of socially inadapted geeks fantasising in somebody’s garage, (as if that ever got anyone anywhere!) because From the Bench has been selected by America’s professional basketball league, the NBA, to produce the NBA General Manager game for 2014 for iPhone, iPad and Android.
The company, founded in 2008 by CEO José David Poveda, CTO Felipe Alonso Simarro, CONTENT ADVERTISEMENT MANAGER Santiago Pérez Castaño and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER David Cremades Beltrán, has also successfully marketed the football and Moto GP Fantasy Manager games, among 35 others, making it one of the top five producers of video games in the Spanish market.

All in all the company has achieved 30 million downloads of its games since its founding,and had already collaborated with football teams such as Real Madrid FC Barcelona, AC Milán, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Inter Milán, and of course, Valencia Football Club.

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