An atypical Boutique in the middle of the city

By Andrea Ceballos

The Boutique Alqueria is a different, an original business concept. The traditional Valencian house dates from the early 20th century.  Originally it was a farmer’s house but it was converted 40 years ago into a living space for women’s fashion.


The historic residence is located opposite the Palacio de Congresos and a few minutes from the heart of Valencia.

Over time the family store has adapted, blending furniture and clothes, forming a unique environment in the city.


The shop was opened 40 years ago by the grandmother of the family and nowadays the business is managed by her two daughters. They believe that the most important thing is the personal and exclusive treatment for each of their clients and that could be the key to their sucess.

It’s curious to have a shop without a shop window and without other shops around, but Boutique Alqueria resists in spite of the crisis because often, what people want, something different, something unique.

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If you visit them you can find two types of clothing; a pret a porter collection with clothes ready to wear everyday and another clothing collection with clothes for special occasions.

They have sophisticated dresses, exclusive models and they also offer garments tailored to any size and occasion. Their customers range from young, modern women, 30 years and older.

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In Boutique Alqueria most brands are Spanish, such as those by the Galician designer Chabela, but in casual wear there are many Italian brands.

To make this place more picturesque they are currently remodeling the residence to open a restaurant. In a few months Valencia can enjoy both environments in this atypical house.

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