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What do “Asterix in Britain” and “English Beauty” have in common? Got you there, didn’t I?  Well, they both get you all tangled up in the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of what is considered to be quintessentially English.

Ah, and you also get to know, that what you believed to be quintessentially English actually has its origin half-way round the globe! The word “Shampoo” for instance!
And, believe-it-or-not, Darjeeling is tucked up far far away in the foot-hills of the Himalayas 7,630 km, oooops sorry, make that 4,709 miles away away from England…and you thought tea was English!

Bob Yareham’s English Beauty, so full of tongue-in-cheek humour, is a good introduction to the irony that totally baffles a student of the English language.  The History teacher and the Etymologist in him surfaces time and again with references to the origin of words, phrases and customs.


A most interesting read!  BUT, as Bob scribbled in my copy of the book

Quote…..”Don’t believe everything you read”….Unquote


Our next book is Buckingham Palace District Six by Richard Rive.  We meet on the Friday 6th March 2015.

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