28th Sueca International Mime Festival: the Sound of Silence

Spain’s only mime festival, considered one of the three most important in Europe, takes place in September in Sueca every year. In 2017 it takes place from the 13th to the 17th.

It is divided into two sections: one for the general public and the other for mime professionals. There are indoor and open-air shows, training sessions and workshops with mime, pantomime, clown and circus techniques. There are also a host of other activities taking place around the festival.

Veteran French artist Clarie Heggen gave a master class in 2016, setting the scene for a truly international festival, and this year France offers Faux Populaire, for its first performance in Spain. The Master Class this year will be given by Mauricio Celedón from Chile.

This year Belgium’s contribution will be Okidok, while France is one of the biggest international contributors with Blick Theatre, as well as the French-Chilean group Teatro del Silencio.

Previous international stars have included the Forman Brothers Theatre from the Czech Republic, as well as Mulïer from the Maduixa Teatre of Sweden;  Lullaby from Cao à Chuva (Portugal); Transports Exceptionnels from Cie Beau Geste and Parfait Etat de Marche by Cie 1 Watt, both from France, Stalker Stilt Theatre (Australia), Dram-Bakus, Jo Bithûme and La Jacquerie (France), CVOCI-Cracy Mimes (Czech Republic), Jango Edwards (U.S.A.), Pantakin from Venice and Teatro Scientífico from Verona (Italy).

In 2015  the 26th edition, offered the French company Underclouds and the Australians Circa, with performances from 25 different companies; 32 hours of spectacle.




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