Valencian Students in Geneva: Snow Diaries

My diary from Geneva!!! By Ester
21st Saturday:

Today I went to the airport with my family because the plane took off at 15:45. When we arrived at the airport I saw Carmen, the chemistry teacher, and we went with her.

At 13:00 we checked the luggage in the airport and at 15:15 we went to the plane by bus because the plane was very small, but very nice because they gave a snack during the journey.

When we arrived at geneva our families went to meet us. My hostess was Laura Lee, she’s fantastic. When I arrived at her house we went to have lunch with her friends to McDonald’s. Later we went for a walk in the city. At 2:00 we arrived home.

22nd Sunday:

This day Laura and I visited the lake. While we were there it started to snow. It was beautiful!

At night we went to have lunch in a pub, and later Laura and I went home.
23rd Monday:

Today, in the morning we have visited the Red Cross. There, Charo explained the “cruz roja” story to us… in my opinion it was a bit long. Later we visited CERN ( European Organization for Nuclear Research). We visited the museum and we saw a film. The visit was OK but nobody explained CERN to us. It was good.
Everyday we went to eat out, at McDonalds or at the Coop supermarket.

In the afternoon we visited the Botanic Park and the historic centre and one journalist went and did an interview. It was very funny because only three people spoke French: Asier, Valentin and Andrea. Later we went to the boat from the lake and went to the school. The school was old but they are building a big, new school. It had a fantastic box.

In the afternoon we visited the city.

At night everybody went to have lunch at McDonald’s and later Laura and I went home because Laura had exams. That night we went to bed at 9:00.
24th Tuesday:

Today we have visited UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) where Laura’s father worked. Later we went to visit the United Nations where the guide was very beautiful… and very funny. This guided tour was very good!

We went to the hall and we tried to be members of parliament. It was fantastic!

At night we went to the bowling centre.
25th Wednesday:

Today we went to the mountains. We made a snowman, Pepito, (obviously, a Spanish name). Later, we began to build a snowball and began to turn the snowball and we made an avalanche, very small, but an avalanche.

This day was fantastic! We ate snow because we had a snow war.

In the afternoon everybody was very tired.

At night we went to the place where we celebrated the five days in Geneva. We played table- football and Ping-pong. We all shared our dinner with the other students. It was very good!

26th Thursday:

Today I didn’t get up because we had to return to Spain and I disliked it because I left my friends behind. We went to the airport. At 11:15 the plane to Valencia took off. At 13:00 we arrived in Valencia.

My Diary of Geneva

By Bruno Gonzalez Ordoñez

1st Bach A

Sunday 22-02

I got up at eight o’clock; I had breakfast half an hour later. My family and I ate at half past twelve because at a quarter to two we went to the CICR (International Committee of the Red Cross).There we learned the importance of the Red Cross and when they could interfere in a conflict. Afterwards, we went to visit the WTO (World Trade Organization). When we had finished the visits, Olivier (one of the Swiss), led us to the supermarket to buy things.

Monday 23-02

We went to visit the museum of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). It was founded 29th of September in 1954. We could only visit the museum; we couldn’t visit the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). After we returned to the college, Sismondi, we had lunch on the floor because the canteen was full. At one we went to visit the centre of Geneva.

Tuesday 24-02

We visited UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), there we learned the importance of the Red Cross and when they could interfere in a conflict and what would happen if UNCHR didn’t exist. After lunch we visited the ONU but we couldn’t enter the new room that Spain is paying for because it was closed to the public, but we took photos from the door.

Wednesday 25-02

This day was the last. We went to do rackets, we walked up a long time, and when we arrived at the point to have lunch we couldn’t sit on the tables and we lunched on the snow. When I finished lunch I went with the other Swiss to play with the sled. Finally we made a giant snow ball and we threw it downhill.

At four o’clock we returned to Geneva and each one went to his house to have a shower before the farewell party. At seven we held the party until twelve, because at that hour the last train left.

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