Sweden Experience for IES Juan de Garay

Hi, we are Mariola and Bea, two students at IES Juan de Garay in Valencia.

Last year we did an exchange with a Swedish school and we are going to tell you about our experience in Sweden.

We arrived at Stockholm airport on the 4th of February in the afternoon and then we took a bus to Uppsala, the city where we stayed for a week.

On the first night our Swedish partners took us to a cafeteria and we ate typical Swedish cakes and pastries.


During the week we visited the History Museum and the Uppsala Cathedral. We also spent a day in Stockholm, where we visited the Parliament, saw a Viking cemetery and ice skated on frozen lakes. It was such an incredible week!




This exchange has helped us to improve our level of English and to get to know the customs of the Swedish people, which are very different from ours.


For example, they don’t have bars and when they go to a café, they speak softly. However, in Spain we talk very loudly and we usually roar with laughter.

When two people meet, they greet by shaking hands, and if they are friends, they greet with a hug but they never give two kisses as we do in Spain.

The way they are is very different from ours, and thanks to this exchange, we have enjoyed a wonderful week getting to know Sweden and its people.

If you are interested in an exchange, don’t hesitate, just do it!



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