Makasa, Moixent, Marvellous

When you check it out on the Internet and realise that Makasa is situated in an industrial estate, you might have second thoughts about booking a room there. However, the location merely means that you are on the outskirts of the town with excellent views and the only noticeable industrial activity is the nursery garden just below.


Makasa is a completely new rural accommodation at Moixent, on the road to Almansa and the penultimate town before entering Castilla La Mancha.


An obvious amount of work and thought has gone into making it a welcoming place, with every wall, corner, nook and cranny revealing some tasteful ornament, picture or photo; and coupled with the infectious enthusiasm of the owner, Santiago, you are guaranteed a delightful stay.


Furthermore, Santiago will arrange all the visits you want to make, whether it’s to one of the many vineyards that have sprung up in the area, or a guided walk in the mountains and along the rivers with his friend Carlos, or a dramatized visit to the medieval part of the town, where Carlos appears again disguised as the Moorish mayor, or an abundant meal in one of the modern restaurants that the town now has, or a visit to the 4th century AD Iberian settlement ‘La Bastida’ or just to laze in front of a log fire and count accountants as you drift off into a restful sleep as a result of all the aforementioned. All this and more is waiting for you in Makasa.


In summer there is a small pool on the large terrace with views of the mountains, and a trampoline too if you insist, but in winter, when you come in from a freezing cold day, wondering why the Iberians chose to live on top of a mountain miles from the nearest warm, cosy pub, the heat hits you and the wooden floors seduce you, and the clinging duvets convince you that sleeping naked in January isn’t at all stupid.


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