The Journalist’s Best Friend: Olhops

There is an old urban legend about somebody who once used a computer for the first time, pressed the button that opened the CD Rom and exclaimed: “Great; somewhere to put my beer!”

Now, thanks to three Valencian journalists, if you have a computer you are a short step away from the best of Spain’s craft beers, most of which, inevitably, are produced in Valencia, and using not just hops, but ingredients as wild as pumpkins, tiger nuts and artichokes.

Pablo Lluesma, Alberto Segarra and Fran Navarro studied at Pureza de María Avenida del Cid, Escolapios and Nuestra Señora de Loreto respectively and would later meet at University when they were studying at the CEU Moncada Journalism Faculty between beers.

Pablo Lluesma and Francisco Navarro

Pablo Lluesma and Francisco Navarro

Like all good journalists, if they couldn’t find a good story they could always find a good place to drink while inventing one.

Like all good ideas Olhops was born in a bar, in Brussels in fact, where two of the team were studying (they claim) and became aware of the wonderful world of craft beer production in Belgian bars while a thousand Watergates went uncovered.

Craft beers are really taking off in Spain, but, consisting of small time brewers for the most part, it isn’t always easy to find the brew of your choice in your local supermarket, and so, came into being, with all your favourite Valencian beers, and some stuff from the other places, just a click away.

The idea has grown at the pace of a serious hangover and now beers from Andalucía, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, Cataluña and Navarra are lining up like empties to reach out and quench virtuous thirst in the furthest corners of Spain with love from Valencia.

But quite naturally the boys at Olhöps trust nobody, and make a point of personally trying out all the beers before putting them on sale on line and, despite that fact, there are still plenty available in their warehouse in Russafa.

Damn it! I closed the CD Rom and spilt my beer!

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