Istobal; Cleaning up the World

When Ismael Tomás Alacreu founded ISTOBAL in the spring of 1950 he probably never imagined that he would be starting a major, successful international company.


From its humble beginnings, and after experimenting with various products in a small workshop in the Valencian town of L’Alcudia, the company now operates in 60 countries and exports to over 75 around the world, and employs more than 600 people.

The star of the company line is the automatic car wash system, produced at two assembly plants in Europe, and two subsidiaries and assembly plants in the US and Brazil.

One of the company’s largest areas of growth has been France, where sales have increased by 15% since 2011, reaching a percentage of 24% of the company’s total revenue.

Other countries where Istobal has obtained remarkable advances are Iran and Greece


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