Ibi Bike Wins Over the Dutch

Kinethic Bikes will take you a long way, as flying Dutchmen Patrick Bos and Stephen de Vries found out at Apeldoorn in March 2015 when they rode to victory in the 4 kilometre world championship event of the International Cycling Union.

Juan Enrique Vidal was the man responsible for creating the winning tandem bike, and his vision date back to when he helped blind cyclist Manuel Díaz Montava win the 1994 world championship in Belgium.


Vidal is a true Valencian artisan, hand making 3 or 4 bicycle frames a month in his workshop. And it was to Ibi that a film crew from the BBC travelled to interview him after his bicycles triumphed in the 2012 London Paralympics.

His cycles were also successful in the Seoul Paralympics in South Korea, and will be competing too in Brazil 2016.


His bikes will in fact be competing against themselves as he currently supplies the cycling federations of Holland, France, Germany, Japan and, of course, Spain.

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