George Fomichev: from Russia with Technology

George Fomichev got tired of working in a bank in Russia, and when a client told him that he could do much better, and make the world a better place too, he started a journey which brought him to Valencia via Silicon Valley.

The result of his trip to the valley, and his discovery of the new technologies was ‘Endurance’ a Company that initially sells robots and lasers, which was in itself another step forward to a new world, where our robots, or software, will talk to each other and deal with all the trivial issues.

Endurance is named after the spacecraft in the film ‘Interstellar’ and George himself has been a sub-contrator to NASA, although most of his flying is from conference to conference, where he is in constant demand as a keynote speaker

One such conference was held at Boston in 2016, where he met Jeff Pulver, one of the founding investors of Twitter, who turned him on to ‘Chatbot.’ Chatbot is a technological slave capable of dealing with your every need, whether it be finding a table in your favourite restaurant, ordering without needing to catch a waiter’s eye or doing all kinds of business without the nuisance or cost of an SMS.

And it’s not all business, these technological advances are also being put to use to help the disabled or Alzheimer’s sufferers as a kind of personal stimulation coach, which may explain why George was also a keynote speaker at an ONCE (a Spanish NGO to help the blind) conference in Malaga.

Travelling is in his blood and his early travels were to accompany his parents, who had a country music band specialising in Bluegrass music, which took him to countries like Holland. And so, even though his Company has people working in Canada, Moscow and St Petersburg, George and his wife and son are in Valencia, for the climate, but also because he heard that the Holy Grail is here.

But back to robots; let George himself convince you: “We create practical technologies in the field of robotics, which is a growing field of interest to many young students and enthusiasts.


One of our main goals is to empower students and enthusiasts with all the necessary information to study practical robotics and to make it fun.


That’s why we have developed the DIY robotics platforms such as DIY SelfieBot. By keeping our work open-source, we provide free access to all our technologies and help create a thriving online community.


With the rising trend in robotics, involving our younger generation in learning practical robotics and helping them to acquire knowledge and experience in this field, is very important to us.


Unlike Lego products and other robot-toy kits, our platforms allow for a wider look at various problem solving tasks. This is important not only in the field of micro controllers programming but also in the field of design & development, application programming, and all other aspects that allow for the creation and functioning of robots over all.


A DIY SelfieBot kit will give students experience in 3D modelling, 3D printing, making circuit boards and control boards, getting practical application programming skills for iOS / Android.


Our research and development is highly based on the feedback from our users in order to constantly improve our platforms. We hope that you will join our community and help us further develop these amazing platforms and show us everything you are able to achieve with them.


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