Dry and Fly


Once again Valencian technology has resolved an eternal, international problem.

In these busy days we all have our hands full; a Smartphone in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other, reinventing the wheel, which is why, when a man uses a urinal, he enters the world of quandry.

Fortunately, Valencian entrepreneur Eduard Gevorkyan has the solution, a urinal that washes and dries the male member while he checks his stocks.


Also lending a hand are Iván Giner, co-founder of E&I and Miguel Ángel Levanteri, who had the original idea.

The device uses sensors to ensure that drying and washing all takes place in the right order and without leaving a damp spot in a mere three seconds.

The trio have already received two offers for their patent, including one from Holland.

The international media like the idea, and even The Daily Mirror printed a lengthy article about it without too much innuendo, although focusing on the feature that the Urinary 2.0 works well for all sizes, and that a version for women is in the pipeline.

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