Set the Remote for the Heart of Smartsun

In 2014 Valencia International wrote about this company’s product Smartsun; in 2015 Bluemarionge launched a new product, a remote control made of cardboard, aware that, according to research by Houston University, a remote control is even dirtier than a toilet.

Mary Whitehouse would have agreed that there’s a lot of filth on the TV.

Valencian businesswomen Maria Pocoví, Alicia Mora and Bárbara Aucejo, whose company Bluemarionge Business is collaborating with the Swedish company Intellego Technologies, have helped launch a simple but effective product aimed at warning sunlovers when those crazy rays of sunshine have passed the point of pleasure and are tending towards the threatening.


Smartsun is Intellegos first product. Smartsun sunband is a one-day wristband which changes colour when it has been exposed to a certain amount of UV radiation and warns when it may be time to get out of the sun.

Smartsun has been developed and manufactured in Sweden by leading researchers and dermatologists.

Although moderate amounts of sun exposure can be healthy because the sun helps your body and skin produce certain vitamins, everybody is now aware that excessive exposure to sunlight causes sunburn, and can even cause skin cancer.

Smartsun is ideal for north European tourists (or ‘lobsters’ as they are affectionately known here) as it contains a UV indicator which reacts to sun light and changes colour upon exposure.

The single day use bracelet can be used in water – even chlorinated water and salt water, it detects both UVA and UVB, and it changes colour in order to tell you when you need to apply more sunscreen or get out of the sun altogether.

Bluemarionge Business specialises in enabling companies developing innovatory, health-related products at an early stage in their commercial development to reach a wider public.
Apart from Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Murcia, the product has also gone on sale in Turkey, USA, UK, Korea and Mexico, with sales since July 2013 having reached 400,000 units.

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