Circus World 2016 Valencia

In 1964 John Wayne made his one and only film in Spain, an inferior production called Circus World.

The last scenes of the film were shot in Madrid’s Retiro park and featured the statue of King Alfonso XII by the Valencian artist Mariano Benlliure.


Copia de circus world

Wayne would have felt at home this Christmas in Valencia, where they are no fewer than four circuses to drive children mad and parents madder.

This year the circuses are not allowed to use animals and will rely on captive humans (inside or outside cages) to entertain us.

Circo Wonderland can be found opposite Valencia’a extensive zoo, Bioparc, where Peter Pan will enthrall the children.

Circ de Nadal can be visited at Nou Campanar, where this year they will offer a jungle theme with a tribute to the Lion King; so lots of African flora but without the fauna.

Gran Circo Alaska Can be found again at the Bulevar Sur, Avenida Tres Forques. Spiderman features as does the ‘Trio Medina’ fromMexico.

Circo Gran Fele returns as every year to prove that small is beautiful, and this year will perform in the Rambleta cultural centre. This year their show is about trains, and they will be using mechanical animals, so expect violent protests from mechanical engineers concerned about cruelty.


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