ARVET Opens up Export Market

Bathroom products may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but according to ARVET, the Valencian association of exporters of goods transformed from materials (that’s the best I can do with ‘transformados’) it is in this sector where Valencia is currently cleaning up in the international markets.

The greatest demand for Valencian products in these sectors is still from France and Portugal, with bathroom products and accessories showing an especially sharp increase, with a rise of 12.1% in 2015.

Apart from France (+14,3%) and Portugal (+20,1%), the United Kingdom(+5,7%), Morrocco (+10,3%) Italy (+59,5%).  United Arab Emirates (with a flying +68,8%), USA (+61,5%), Saudi Arabia (+37,3%) and Germany (+19,2%) have shown the greatest increases.

Hardware manufacturers in the association improved exports by 4,3% with increases in Tunis (22,26%), Algeria (124,48%) and Morocco (39,66%), while on the American continent there was a growth in Colombia (44,59%), Mexico (17,65%), Dominican Republic (21,17%) and Costa Rica (23,54%).

ARVET was formed in 1970, and has 200 affiliated companies. They have international offices currently in Columbia, Rumania and Panama.



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