APAVAC Writing Contest

Laura Aparicio Gamón: Salesianos School
The Call

It was seven minutes after midnight the last time I saw him alive. He was my husband and I loved him until that day, the day I found out he was going to kill me. He was talking with a person on the phone and he told them. I got scared and I didn’t know what to do. I left the house before he noticed and I ran away. I got to my parents’ home.

My parents didn’t expected me to come. They were surprised when the saw me. I made up an excuse and I went upstairs. I was very nervous, my hands were sweaty. I was looking for something when I found that thing. I got out without saying goodbye and I came back home. He wasn’t at home and I was scared. I put the thing in the wardrobe. Was it a nightmare? No, it wasn’t, it was real life.

I heard the door. It was him. He wanted to talk with me. He was serious and I didn’t know what he was going to tell me. When he was with me, he relaxed and I was scared because I didn’t know when he was planning to kill me. And, why? I was his wife! I was married to him five years. He got up and came to me. It was the time. He put his hands in my neck and he began to tighten. I defended myself and I could scape. I went upstairs and I opened the wardrobe where I put the thing I took from my parents’ home. It wasn’t there and he came to me. I was very scared because I didn’t do anything. But, I had an idea. I went to the bathroom and I locked myself in it. The thing I was looking for was there, he put it there! He kicked the door and I…

-Sorry, but you didn’t answer our question. Did you kill your husband?

-It was seven minutes after midnight the last time I saw him alive because I killed him.


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