Back to the Future NEW ACTIVITY!

A Powerpoint presentation, with student involvement, showing that people often look to the past when naming new technology.

The History of Humanity through Film

Students review the history of the world chronologically through some of the historical English language films made in Spain.

Spanish Hollywood

Students use the Internet to find the answers to 25 questions about the more than 700 English language films made in Spain.

2,000 Years on the Valencia Underground.

With only a map of the Valencia Underground students can explore 2,000 years of Valencian history, from the Romans to the present day, using the names of the stations as clues.

The John Lennon Story

The man and his music; the life of the most complex Beatle told using photographs and his most revealing songs.

Beatles Fiesta

Learn about The Beatles through their songs and photos.

Hollywood and History

In collaboration with L’Iber Museum (Calle Caballeros) the world’s largest collection of miniature figures, it’s a review of the history of mankind through some of the English language historical films made in Spain.

The activity includes a guided tour of the museum in English.

Independent Learning Activities

A wide range of problem-solving activities using maps and tourist information material to learn about the UK.

So Why is there a ‘D’ in Wednesday?

All the secrets of why we say what we say. English etymology made easy for students.

Stop Smoking, Start Breathing

An activity using British Health Service Material to point out the disastrous effects of smoking: (good for teachers too!)

Fire! Fire! What do I do?

An activity using British Fire Brigade material to discover the dos and don’ts of fires. It can be a Physical Education activity too.

A Wander in the Huerta

A walk around the fields of Alboraya exploring its history and geography. A multi-disciplinary activity with a little bit of everything from Maths to Botany and from Etymology to Natural History.


Remember the Alameda

Discover the history of Valencia through the monuments in a short walk along the Alameda.

Hemingway’s Valencia

Discover the places where Hemingway ate, drank, slept and played on his many visits to Valencia. And a little bit of Orson Welles too.

Here be Dragons

Why are there so many dragons in Valencian architecture. Discover the secret world of these mythical creatures…….or are they?


Saturdays and Weekends in the Country

A single Saturday or a weekend in a country guest house in the village of Beniatjar (Valle de Albaida) for teachers with a negotiable programme of activities (B2 preparation, methodology, conversation) and cultural visits and walks).

For more information contact Bob Yareham


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