Diana Ross’s Daughter in Valencia

Audiences were in for a real treat as Rhonda Ross performed in Valencia on September 25 2017 at Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar.

Diana Ross’s daughter Rhonda performed with Rodney Kendrick.


“On stage, Rhonda Ross and Rodney Kendrick have an obvious passion for their music and for each other. They draw the audience into their love affair. Its magnetic.”



If you want to understand electricity, get yourself a seat anywhere Rhonda Ross performs!”

-NightLife Exchange

Singer-songwriter, Rhonda Ross, is an international Social-Artist, who explores questions of race, gender, power and spirituality through her art. Rhonda uses her music to examine the society in which she lives and through all of it, asks “In the midst of THIS, how can I still be free?” As the only child of Diana Ross and Motown Founder Berry Gordy, it has become evident that Rhonda not only has the talent, but the significance to carry on her parents’ legacy, all the while establishing her own unique musical destination.

Rhonda’s most recent release, In Case You Didn’t Know is available everywhere music is sold.




“Eccentricity is an unusual trait in jazz nowadays, but Rodney Kendrick…is eccentric. He flirts with the avant-garde but is also enamored with the richness of swing…Oddness, after so much predictability in jazz, is almost its own reward; Mr. Kendrick offers that and ability, too.” – NY Times


Since 2004, Rodney has produced several albums, including a solo piece titled Thank You, a Duo-piano piece with his mentor Randy Weston, an album with his wife of 20 years, titled Rhonda Ross Live: Featuring Rodney Kendrick, as well as a project with his father, Jimmy Kay titled Black is Back. His most recent CD is titled, The Colors of Rhythm featuring Curtis Lundy on bass and Cindy Blackman on drums on the Impulse! label.



In 1994, Rhonda Ross and Rodney Kendrick met, married, and began a 20-year musical collaboration. In 2017, they will bring their unique collaboration to Europe with performances in Paris, France; Rolle, Switzerland; Hamburg, Germany; Madrid and Valencia, Spain.



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