You would be forgiven for thinking that Muez is in fact a hardware store, or ironmongers as the British used to say before they decided in referendum to become irrelevant.


The sign above the door is misleading enough, and when you enter you are literally and literaturely surrounded by books, so you could also be forgiven for thinking that it’s a bookshop too.


My spellchecker doesn’t accept literaturely, perhaps because I invented it; thank God they weren’t around in Shakespeare’s time; he’d never have got around to inventing the 1,500 new words and expressions attributed to him on the occasional days when the intellectuals decide that he did actually exist.

But I digress, as I often do when eating out. Muez is just far enough away from La Lonja not too attract too many tourists, and seedy enough to attract a Bohemian class of client.

Bohemian clients

Bohemian clients

The 10€ menu of the day only offers two alternatives, but most experts consider that a good sign, as the food will be fresh.

The potato, green bean and black garlic seemed fresh enough, as did the monkfish cous cous (also unacceptable to this increasingly bossy spellchecker), and the wine list was lengthy and full of interesting wines.

The books which line the walls cover two topics, drinks on the right and food on the left. They also cover the raw, rocky walls which create an atmosphere of history and indicate (hopefully) that the staff are totally focused on the food, which was quite reasonable for the price.

There is a terrace, with a distant view of La Lonja, although there are no recipe or cocktail books out there.

The music is pleasant and jazzy, and take your mind of the outsize naked lightbulbs that hang menacingly over each table, of which there are only two when you enter, although there are a few more in the back, where Bohemian merges into seedy, but with panache.


Muez is to be found in Plaza Mercado, 20. It’s also a town in Navarra, which may explain the cheeky Navarese wines that are on offer, as are apparently the books, which can be bought, consulted or gazed upon.


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  1. Chris Dennison Reply

    October 23, 2016 at 20:36

    Despite the flowing prose, not a bad place to eat at all!

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